Peter Wiholm

Writer / Photographer / Filmmaker

Pucker Up

Brian, a male transsexual, is filming his own preparations for a date. Every moment of nervous anticipation gets recorded and eventually it’s time for the main event. (Full version: 19 Pages)

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While talking to her mother on the phone, Amy, 35, breaks into her own family house that’s been abandoned for a long time. As Amy searches through the house she eventually comes across more than she was looking for. (Full Version: 19 Pages)

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Lab worker Helen is stealing drugs from her workplace and is at the same time stalked by mysterious men who seem able to appear anywhere and at any time. Increasingly distressed, Helen suffers from a recurring nightmare and struggles to keep her world together. (Full Version: 28 Pages)

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The members of a family scattered by tragedy live separate but interconnected lives. As the guilt-ridden mother tries to reunite with her daughter, memories from the past resurface and add complexity to an already difficult situation. (Full version 131 Pages)

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Random Heroics

A lonely office clerk whose secret idol is superhero UltraMan nurtures dreams of having a superhero alias of his own. One day a superhero is suddenly needed in the very apartment building where he lives. (Full version: 17 pages)

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Quick But Beautiful

A lifetime’s worth of love, loss and adventures condensed into a story as brief as life sometimes seems to be. (Full version: 11 Pages)

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