Peter Wiholm

Writer / Photographer / Filmmaker

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Atom Egoyan Interview

An exclusive interview with director Atom Egoyan where he talks about his latest film “Remember” and his love for British Columbia. Made for Vancouver International Film Festival.

Interview and camera by Peter Wiholm

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Daughters of the Equinox

An observational documentary about a witch preparing for a healing ritual.

Directed, Produced and Edited by Peter Wiholm
Camera: Jessie Campbell, C Cobb, Justin Hwang
Sound: Georgia Billman
Intro Whisper: Fiona Tinwei Lam
Original Score Composer: Eric Wettstein
Singers: Marina Bennett, Emma Postl
Sound Mix: Kyle McLean

Featuring: Goo, Mark Johnston, Levi Johnston, Bridgid McGowan, J Honey, Eli Morning, Lollipop

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Late Shift

As Doug – a late shift campus custodian – works his way through empty classrooms and corridors, he lets his mind wander through his own past, present and future, giving us a glimpse of his rock-solid work ethic and unbending positive attitude towards life.

Directed, Produced and Edited by Peter Wiholm
Camera: Brigitte Patenaude
Sound: Luke Skillen
Original Score: Eric Wettstein
Extra Special Thanks: Douglas Mercier and Roger Stangl

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